Posted on: March 13, 2009 10:22 pm

A 10 minute game misconduct for fighting?

  It sounds crazy right, 10 minutes for fighting, well the league is voting on it now. If a player fights directly after the face off. That player or players will receive a 10 mis-conduct. What has hockey become? To me this is absolutely crazy and will hurt the sport even more. It's just one step closer to eliminating fighting all together. I can't see how this will help the the game, fighting should always be part of the game. Fighting is part of the very fabric that built hockey when it was at its most popular in American sports culture. Maybe I'm wrong on this but hockey needs fighting and fighting needs hockey, they are one in the same. The league has to find a way to keep the toothless brawlers and implement the skill players at the same time without being so tough on the fighting penalties. This rule that is being discussed and voted on soon by the league is one big step in the wrong direction for the NHL.

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